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Movie name: Torpedonostsy
Russian name: Торпедоносцы
Additional name: Torpedo Bombers
Movie year: 1983
Number of episodes: 1
Subtitle filename: Torpedonostsy_1_1983_Eng.rar
Author: Tatiana Kameneva
Subtitles contributor: Antar  
Movie info: Google | Yandex
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Date 02.12.2007 04:21
Additional info: Modified by Vitaly Koissin:
In my version of the subtitles, I tried to avoid words like "sir" which were very unnatural in RKKA (as well as in the modern Russian Army). Also, some lines have been corrected to give more simple or appropriate translation. However, I am still not sure about adequate translation of Russian military catch-phrases (Stanovis!, Rovnyajs'!, Smirno!, etc.). I tried to find in Internet some ready translations but it looks like there is no one file about this! My electronic dictionary (Abby Lingvo 10) includes only few of these phrases...
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