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Movie name: Otel "U Pogibshego Alpinista"
Russian name: Отель "У погибшего альпиниста"
Additional name: The Dead Mountaineer Hotel; Отель 'У погибшего альпиниста'; 'Hukkunud Alpinisti' hotell
Movie year: 1979
Number of episodes: 1
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Subtitles contributor: darkov  
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Date 20.02.2007 10:40
Additional info: This Russian movie combines elements from the mystery and sci-fi genres. The story centers around a police inspector who is called to a strange hotel located in a remote part of the Ala-Tau mountains of Kazakhstan. There he finds some very odd guests. He finds himself subjected to increasingly bizarre events. Soon he begins to suspect that the "guests" are not of this world. To figure them out he must totally alter his thinking processes to match theirs. Their way of analyzing things is truly alien.
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