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Movie name: Kakaya chudnaya igra
Russian name: Какая чудная игра
Additional name: What a Wonderful Game
Movie year: 1995
Number of episodes: 1
Subtitle filename: Kakaya_chudnaya_igra_1_1995_Eng.rar
Subtitles contributor: omroot  
Movie info: Google | Yandex
Downloaded: 461 times download subtitles for movie Kakaya chudnaya igra
Date 14.10.2012 04:24
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1. omroot     14/10/2012  
Once again, after watching, I noticed some imperfections in my work. And once again, I'm too lazy to fix it. Enjoy the movie. If the job's not to your liking, don't whine--grab the srt file and improve on it yourself. :)

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