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Movie name: Alenkiy tsvetochek
Russian name: Аленький цветочек
Additional name: The Scarlet Flower; The little red flower; Beauty and the beast; ALEN''KIJ CVETOCHEK
Movie year: 1952
Number of episodes: 1
Subtitle filename: Alenkiy_tsvetochek_1cd_1952_eng.rar
Author: eus347
Subtitles contributor: eus347  
Movie info: Google | Yandex
Downloaded: 593 times download subtitles for movie Alenkiy tsvetochek
Date 02.04.2012 19:00
Additional info: there are several versions around, that are cut slightly different from eachother. this one is timed on alenkij_tsvetochek.avi 611.858 kb. The 1st 3/4 is based on the american rewrite, so not a literal translation. an earlier version, fully based on the rewrite, can be watched on
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