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Movie name: Marya-iskusnitsa
Russian name: Марья-искусница
Additional name: The Magic Weaver; Maria, the Wonderful Weaver
Movie year: 1959
Number of episodes: 1
Subtitle filename: Marya-iskusnitsa_1_1959_Eng.rar
Subtitles contributor: Капитан  
Movie info: Google | Yandex
Downloaded: 568 times download subtitles for movie Marya-iskusnitsa
Date 19.01.2012 09:13
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1. Marya-iskusnitsa Капитан Русские субтитры к фильмам 424 () 13.10.2009
1. kosmikino     26/05/2012  
At last! I have been hoping that one day I would come across these subtitles as this is one of the few Aleksandr Rou films I have yet to see.

Huge thanks for these!

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