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Movie name: Alisa v Strane Chudes
Russian name: Алиса в Стране Чудес
Additional name: Alice in Wonderland
Movie year: 1981
Number of episodes: 3
Subtitle filename: Alisa_v_strane_chudes_3_1981_Eng.rar
Subtitles contributor: Капитан  
Movie info: Google | Yandex
Downloaded: 917 times download subtitles for movie Alisa v Strane Chudes
Date 02.02.2010 10:26
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1. kosmikino     19/05/2012  

Thank you to the person who made the translation into English and made the subtitles as well. I have watched this animation a few times without a translation (it is very easy to follow if you know the story) but it is great to have finally watched all three episodes with subtitles at last.

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