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250 лучших чёрных фильмов
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The 250 Quintessential Noir Films – 250 основных чёрных фильмов

Термин «чёрный фильм» или «фильм нуар» был введён для обозначения стиля, приобретшего популярность в американском кино в середине 40-х годов. Для него характерны криминальный сюжет, мрачная атмосфера циничного фатализма и пессимизма, стирание грани между героем и антигероем, относительная реалистичность действия, тёмное освещение сцен, как правило, ночных, и значительная степень женоненавистничества.

The 250 Quintessential Noir Films listing contains 241 films that all contain three key ingredients.
1) They were all produced in the United States;
2) They were all shot in black-and-white;
3) They were all produced between 1940 to 1959.
The nine films, that have been included, that exclude at least one of these key ingredients are two Non-American-produced noir (The Third Man and Mr. Arkadin), four colour noir films (Leave Her to Heaven, Niagara, Party Girl and Slightly Scarlet), and three films from the early 1960s (Cape Fear, Underworld, U.S.A. and The Naked Kiss).

1.The Accused (1949) by William Dieterle
2.Ace in the Hole (1951) by Billy Wilder
3.Act of Violence (1948) by Fred Zinnemann
4.Among the Living (1941) by Stuart Heisler
5.Angel Face (1952) by Otto Preminger
6.Armored Car Robbery (1950) by Richard Fleischer
7.The Asphalt Jungle (1950) by John Huston
8.Behind Locked Doors (1948) by Budd Boetticher
9.Berlin Express (1948) by Jacques Tourneur
10.Beware, My Lovely (1952) by Harry Horner
11.Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956) by Fritz Lang
12.Beyond the Forest (1949) by King Vidor
13.The Big Clock (1948) by John Farrow
14.The Big Combo (1955) by Joseph H. Lewis
15.The Big Heat (1953) by Fritz Lang
16.The Big Knife (1955) by Robert Aldrich
17.The Big Sleep (1946) by Howard Hawks
18.Black Angel (1946) by Roy William Neill
19.Black Tuesday (1954) by Hugo Fregonese
20.The Blue Dahlia (1946) by George Marshall
21.The Blue Gardenia (1953) by Fritz Lang
22.Body and Soul (1947) by Robert Rossen
23.Boomerang! (1947) by Elia Kazan
24.Border Incident (1949) by Anthony Mann
25.Born to Kill (1947) by Robert Wise
26.The Brasher Doubloon (1947) by John Brahm
27.The Breaking Point (1950) by Michael Curtiz
28.Brute Force by (1947) Jules Dassin
29.The Burglar (1957) by Paul Wendkos
30.Call Northside 777 (1948) by Henry Hathaway
31.Cape Fear (1962) by J. Lee Thompson
32.The Captive City (1952) by Robert Wise
33.Caught (1949) by Max Ophüls
34.Cause for Alarm (1951) by Tay Garnett
35.Champion (1949) by Mark Robson
36.The Chase (1946) by Arthur Ripley
37.Christmas Holiday (1944) by Robert Siodmak
38.City that Never Sleeps (1953) by John H. Auer
39.Clash by Night (1952) by Fritz Lang
40.Conflict (1945) by Curtis Bernhardt
41.Cornered (1945) by Edward Dmytryk
42.Crack-Up (1946) by Irving Reis
43.Crime of Passion (1957) by Gerd Oswald
44.Crime Wave [aka The City is Dark] (1954) by André De Toth
45.The Crimson Kimono (1959) by Samuel Fuller
46.Criss Cross (1949) by Robert Siodmak
47.Crossfire (1947) by Edward Dmytryk
48.Cry Danger (1951) by Robert Parrish
49.Cry of the City (1948) by Robert Siodmak
50.D.O.A. (1950) by Rudolph Maté
51.The Damned Don't Cry (1950) by Vincent Sherman
52.Danger Signal (1945) by Robert Florey
53.Dark City (1950) by William Dieterle
54.The Dark Corner (1946) by Henry Hathaway
55.The Dark Mirror (1946) by Robert Siodmak
56.Dark Passage (1947) by Delmer Daves
57.The Dark Past (1948) by Rudolph Maté
58.Dark Waters (1944) by André De Toth
59.Dead Reckoning (1947) by John Cromwell
60.Deadline at Dawn (1946) by Harold Clurman
61.Desperate (1947) by Anthony Mann
62.The Desperate Hours (1955) by William Wyler
63.Destination Murder (1950) by Edward L. Cahn
64.Detective Story (1951) by William Wyler
65.Detour (1945) by Edgar G. Ulmer
66.Double Indemnity (1944) by Billy Wilder
67.Drive a Crooked Road (1954) by Richard Quine
68.Edge of Doom (1950) by Mark Robson
69.The Enforcer (1951) by Bretaigne Windust
70.Fallen Angel (1945) by Otto Preminger
71.Fear in the Night (1947) by Maxwell Shane
72.The File on Thelma Jordon (1950) by Robert Siodmak
73.Follow Me Quietly (1949) by Richard Fleischer
74.Force of Evil (1948) by Abraham Polonsky
75.Framed (1947) by Richard Wallace
76.Gilda (1946) by Charles Vidor
77 The Glass Key (1942) by Stuart Heisler
78.Guilty Bystander (1950) by Joseph Lerner
79.Gun Crazy (1949) by Joseph H. Lewis
80.Hangover Square (1945) by John Brahm
81.He Ran All the Way (1951) by John Berry
82.He Walked by Night (1948) by Alfred L. Werker
83.High Sierra (1941) by Raoul Walsh
84.High Wall (1947) by Curtis Bernhardt
85.His Kind of Woman (1951) by John Farrow
86.The Hitch-Hiker (1953) by Ida Lupino
87.Hollow Triumph (The Scar) (1948) by Steve Sekely
88.House By the River (1950) by Fritz Lang
89.House of Strangers (1949) by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
90.The House on 92nd Street (1945) by Henry Hathaway
91.Human Desire (1954) by Fritz Lang
92.I Married a Communist (The Woman on Pier 13) (1950) by Robert Stevenson
93.I Wake Up Screaming (1941) by H. Bruce Humberstone
94.I Walk Alone (1948) by Byron Haskin
95.I Was a Communist for the FBI (1951) by Gordon Douglas
96.I, the Jury (1953) by Harry Essex
97.Impact (1949) by Arthur Lubin
98.In a Lonely Place (1950) by Nicholas Ray
99.Jeopardy (1953) by John Sturges
100.Johnny Angel (1945) by Edwin L. Marin
101.Johnny O'Clock (1947) by Robert Rossen
102.Journey Into Fear (1943) by Norman Foster
103.Kansas City Confidential (1952) by Phil Karlson
104.Key Largo (1948) by John Huston
105.The Killer is Loose (1956) by Budd Boetticher
106.The Killer that Stalked New York (1950) by Earl McEvoy
107.Killer's Kiss (1955) by Stanley Kubrick
108.The Killers (1946) by Robert Siodmak
109.The Killing (1956) by Stanley Kubrick
110.Kiss Me Deadly (1955) by Robert Aldrich
111.Kiss of Death (1947) by Henry Hathaway
112.Kiss the Blood off My Hands (1948) by Norman Foster
113.Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1950) by Gordon Douglas
114.The Lady from Shanghai (1947) by Orson Welles
115.Lady in the Lake (1947) by Robert Montgomery
116.A Lady without Passport (1950) by Joseph H. Lewis
117.Laura (1944) by Rouben Mamoulian
118.Leave Her to Heaven (1945) by John M. Stahl
119.The Letter (1940) by William Wyler
120.The Lineup (1958) by Don Siegel
121.Loan Shark (1952) by Seymour Friedman
122.The Locket (1946) by John Brahm
123.The Lodger (1944) by John Brahm
124.The Long Night (1947) by Anatole Litvak
125.The Lost Weekend (1945 by Billy Wilder
126.M (1951 remake) by Joseph Losey
127.Macao (1952) by Josef von Sternberg
128.The Maltese Falcon (1941) by John Huston
129.The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950) by Felix E. Feist
130.The Mask of Dimitrios (1944) by Jean Negulesco
131.Mildred Pierce (1945) by Michael Curtiz
132.Ministry of Fear (1944) by Fritz Lang
133.The Mob (1951) by Robert Parrish
134.Moonrise (1948) by F. Borzage
135.The Complete Mr. Arkadin (aka Confidential Report) - Criterion Collection (1955) by Orson Welles
136.Murder by Contract (1958) by Irving Lerner
137.Murder, My Sweet (1944) by Edward Dmytryk
138.My Name is Julia Ross (1945) by Joseph H. Lewis
139.Mystery Street (1950) by John Sturges
140.Naked City (1948) by Jules Dassin
141.The Naked Kiss - Criterion Collection (1964) by Samuel Fuller
142.The Narrow Margin (1952) by Richard Fleischer
143.Niagara (1953) by Henry Hathaway
144.Night and the City - Criterion Collection (1950) by Jules Dassin
145.Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1950) by John Farrow
146.The Night of the Hunter (1955) by Charles Laughton
147.Nightfall (1957) by Jacques Tourneur
148.Nightmare (1956) by Maxwell Shane
149.Nightmare Alley (1947) by Edmund Goulding
150.99 River Street (1953) by Phil Karlson
151.Nobody Lives Forever (1946) by Jean Negulesco
152.Nocturne (1946) by Edwin L. Marin
153.Nora Prentiss (1947) by Vincent Sherman
154.Notorious - Criterion Collection (1946) by Alfred Hitchcock
155.Odds Against Tomorrow (1959) by Robert Wise
156.On Dangerous Ground (1951) by Nicholas Ray
157.One Way Street (1950) by Hugo Fregonese
158.Out of the Past (1947) by Jacques Tourneur
159.Panic in the Streets (1950) by Elia Kazan
160.Party Girl (1958) by Nicholas Ray
161.Phantom Lady (1944) by Robert Siodmak
162.The Phenix City Story (1955) by Phil Karlson
163.Pickup on South Street - Criterion Collection (1953) by Samuel Fuller
164.Pitfall (1948) by André De Toth
165.Plunder Road (1957) by Hubert Cornfield
166.Possessed (1947) by Curtis Bernhardt
167.The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) by Tay Garnett
168.Private Hell 36 (1954) by Ida Lupino
169.The Prowler (1951) by Joseph Losey
170.Pushover (1954) by Richard Quine
171.The Racket (1951) by John Cromwell
172.Railroaded (1947) by Anthony Mann
173.Raw Deal (1948) by Anthony Mann
174.The Reckless Moment (1949) by Max Ophüls
175.Red House (1947) by Delmer Daves
176.Red Light (1949) by Roy Del Ruth
177.Ride the Pink Horse (1947) by Robert Montgomery
178.Road House (1948) by Jean Negulesco
179.Roadblock (1951) by Harold Daniels
180.Rogue Cop (1954) by Roy Rowland
181.Ruthless (1948) by Edgar G. Ulmer
182.Scarlet Street (1945) by Fritz Lang
183.Scandal Sheet (1952) by Phil Karlson
184.The Second Woman (1951) by James V. Kern
185.Secret Beyond the Door (1948) by Fritz Lang
186.The Set-Up (1949) by Robert Wise
187.711 Ocean Drive (1950) by Joseph M. Newman
188.Shadow of a Doubt (1943) by Alfred Hitchcock
189.Shanghai Gesture (1941) by Josef von Sternberg
190.Shock (1946) by Alfred L. Werker
191.Side Street (1950) by Anthony Mann
192.The Sleeping City (1950) by George Sherman
193.Slightly Scarlet (1956) by Allan Dwan
194.The Sniper (1952) by Edward Dmytryk
195.So Dark the Night (1946) by Joseph H. Lewis
196.Somewhere in the Night (1946) by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
197.Sorry Wrong Number (1948) by Anatole Litvak
198.Southside 1-1000 (1950) by Boris Ingster
199.Spellbound - Criterion Collection (1945) by Alfred Hitchcock
200.The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry (1945) by Robert Siodmak
201.Strange Illusion (1945) by Edgar G. Ulmer
202.The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) by Lewis Milestone
203.The Stranger (1946) by Orson Welles
204.Stranger on the Third Floor (1940) by Boris Ingster
205.Strangers on a Train (1951) by Alfred Hitchcock
206.Street of Chance (1942) by Jack Hively
207.The Street with No Name (1948) by William Keighley
208.The Strip (1951) by Leslie Kardos
209.Sudden Fear (1952) by David Miller
210.Suddenly (1954) by Lewis Allen
211.Sunset Boulevard (1950) by Billy Wilder
212.The Suspect (1944) by Robert Siodmak
213.Suspense (1946) by Frank Tuttle
214.Suspicion (1941) by Alfred Hitcock
215.Sweet Smell of Success (1957) by Alexander Mackendrick
216.Talk About a Stranger (1952) by David Bradley
217.The Tattooed Stranger (1950) by Edward Montagne
218.Tension (1949) by John Berry
219.They Live by Night (1949) by Nicholas Ray
220.They Won't Believe Me (1947) by Irving Pichel
221.The Thief (1952) by Russell Rouse
222.Thieves' Highway - Criterion Collection (1949) by Jules Dassin
223.The Third Man (Criterion Collection) (1949) by Carol Reed
224.This Gun for Hire (1942) by Frank Tuttle
225.T-Men (1947) by Anthony Mann
226.Too Late for Tears (1949) by Byron Haskin
227.Touch of Evil (1958) by Orson Welles
228.The Sound of Fury (Try and Get Me) (1950) by Cy Endfield
229.The Turning Point (1952) by William Dieterle
230.The Undercover Man (1949) by Joseph H. Lewis
231.Undercurrent (1946) by Vincente Minnelli
232.Underworld, U.S.A. (1961) by Samuel Fuller
233.Union Station (1950) by Rudolph Maté
234.The Unknown Man (1951) by Richard Thorpe
235.The Unsuspected (1947) by Michael Curtiz
236.Vicki (1953) by Harry Horner
237.The Web (1947) by Michael Gordon
238.When Strangers Marry (1944) by William Castle
239.Where Danger Lives (1950) by John Farrow
240.Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950) by Otto Preminger
241.While the City Sleeps (1956) by Fritz Lang
242.Whirlpool (1949) by Otto Preminger
243.White Heat (1949) by Raoul Walsh
244.The Window (1949) by Ted Tetzlaff
245.Witness to Murder (1954) by Roy Rowland
246.The Woman in the Window (1944) by Fritz Lang
247.The Woman on the Beach (1947) by Jean Renoir
248.Woman on the Run (1950) by Norman Foster
249.World for Ransom (1954) by Robert Aldrich
250.The Wrong Man (1956) by Alfred Hitchcock


250 основополагающих фильмов-нуар
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